Our Vision

Working together with educators and policy makers we hope to enhance midwives’ experiences throughout their career trajectory, from early professional training to later in their midwifery practice. The end goal is to retain midwives in this profession which in turn would ensure a platform of high quality and accessible primary care for women in Canada.

 Research Objectives

  1. Understand factors that affect career commitment of student midwives throughout their professional training through capturing their educational experiences;
  2. Provide insights to educators to better manage retaining students;
  3. Understand factors that influence career commitment and career satisfaction of registered and/or practicing midwives across Canada;
  4. Examine the effects of current midwifery employment policies on retention of midwives across Canada and capture midwives’ perception of those policies;
  5. Reflect on current midwifery professional policies and study results to provide insights to policy makers.

 Potential Impact

This study will provide improved and cost effective maternity care for Canadian women.   Retention of the workforce in the health care sector is an ongoing concern for government. Our study is a comprehensive analysis of retention, and offers realistic solutions to retain midwives.



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